“CULTURE FOR ALL” PROJECT Workshop on « Promoting Creative Economy at the local level in Kosovo» Pristina 14 -16 September 2014

Séminaire « Culture for All – Creative Economy » / Case studies in France

Cultural Heritage is an integral part of Creative and Cultural Industries by contributing to the Creative Economy development. It is a huge source for creativity and innovation through the ancestral culture it disseminates. This cultural heritage artistic or technical, distinguish each territories by the products and today by the markets it generates. These are an add value for each territories which attract tourists from all over the world. At the core of local development, cultural heritage expressions mobilize stakeholders and people in terms of education, training, communication and commercialization within a sustainable development way. Reference actions were initiated such as festivals, implementation of innovation and research centres, artists and designers residences, cultural routes. They allowed gradually to link tradition and innovation, to product creativity and innovation in particular in sectors such as research, luxury, fashion or tangible heritage and to connect currently to the international market. This is the case of the crafts industry for the intangible cultural heritage in particular crucial at different levels, in the cultural diversity and tangible heritage preservation, in the creation of innovative proceedings and productions and especially in the individual capacities embodied by women and men artisans. In the light of this, art and crafts are very important for education and social cohesion. There is too an essential link at local level between identity and project, tradition and innovation, local and global market in a lot of know how of textile, wood, glass, jewellery or cutlery among others.2 cases studies and some examples will be presented in order to illustrate the point and the local policies and proceedings in France: the case of Franciade association project in Saint Denis of the Paris region, which publish and commercialize derived object from archaeological heritage, accompany training and insertion actions, organize festive events, cultural and touristic animations, the case of International Glass Centre of Meisenthal in the Lorraine region, which aims to preserve the Memory of the glass country and draw the contemporary prospects for the traditional channels of glass, but also the Arts of Fire Centre in Limoges, the porcelain city, the city of Design in Saint Etienne and the Laguiole Company on cutlery in the South.

The Agenda:

Presentation of the Creative Economy concept – Indrasen Vencatachellum

Skills and capacities for local creative economy development:

Case studies from the Creative Economy Report 2013 and Culture for All project – Indrasen Vencatachellum

Albania : Mr Fation Dragoshi

Turkey : Mr Ufuk Saka

France : Mrs Catherine Virassamy

Ethnographic Museum Visit

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