Traditions revisited The aesthetics of contemporary hungarian handicrafts 20 08 2015 / 22 11 2015

 Les traditions revisitées à Budapest : comment l’artisanat traditionnel a su évoluer en restant authentique ?

Une exposition inédite sur les savoir-faire de l’artisanat hongrois revisités – entre tradition et modernité – était présentée dans un nouveau site récemment restauré du Palais-Royal de Buda sur les berges du Danube, hissant ce patrimoine immatériel au coeur de la culture hongroise et européenne dans ce lieu hautement historique et touristique.

Cet évènement constitue une vraie reconnaissance pour ce festival incomparable en Europe par la richesse de ses productions artisanales authentiques.

Le mouvement des artistes nomades a participé dans les années 1970 au maintien de la culture locale, de la diversité des productions et des savoir faire dans les campagnes.

Hungarian handicrafts are still alive today ; the most common are :

Bone carving : small goods made traditionaly by peasants and herdsmen

Woodworking : the origin comes from Capathian Basin with a lot of craftmen : carpenters, shingle –makers, coopers, cabinet makers making painted and engraved furniture with Carpathian motifs.

Bead Jewellery : made with a lot of natural materials such as mineral, wood or bones or manufacturing material such as glass or porcelain.

Embroidery : different types of thread or stitches such as cross stitch, satin stitch or buttonhole stitch etc.

Lace : differents types of famous bobbin lace such as Balatonendredi, Hunnia and Moga which adorned interior of houses or clothes.

Pottery : a great variety of materials for tableware or bakeware. Unglazed coloured with earthen dyes, tinglazed and black pottery.

Egg Decorating : a usual gift in the traditional spring fertility rites practiced on Easter in Eastern Europe.

Indigo Dying : after a printed process of indigo, the fabric or blue and white eastern porcelain feature, became an integral part of the Hungarian textile culture. These very popular printed textiles are used in various garments, tablecloths or bed linens.

Woven textiles : Hungarian woven textiles are made in different materials, flax, whole, cotton, hemp with woven lace or simple stripes or included flower patterns. These traditionnal homespun textiles are even very popular in Hungary to adorne interior houses.

Iron work : all kinds of items are wrought by masters to decorate their tools or to make objects. Ornmental smiths make wonderfull artistic creations adorning building, windows, gates or fences.

Felt products : toys, carpets, bags and small goods are traditionaly used but even today.

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